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“En Charrette”/ exploring the site layout

FSB Illustration: Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center Site Characteristics and Schemes

We are now only half way through the Charrette day. The morning was filled with defining goals, objectives, purpose and space needs. The afternoon is reserved for exploring the site layout and the exterior design. The exciting news of the morning was that the Chickasaw Nation set a goal to achieve LEED Platinum for the design of the project.

There are several things to consider when thinking about how the site can be best utilized for the project. Each consideration has a part in the development the conceptual site plan. Here’s what we look at: Continue reading

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“En Charrette” / the project definition workshop

FSB Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center Project Definition Graphics

The real charrette is here. This is the day we explore creative ideas with the stakeholders. We have previously distributed the pre-charrette packet for the Program Definition Workshop. We are counting on everyone having done their homework by thinking about the various pieces of information we have sent them regarding ideas for spaces, ideas for the flavor and style of the building interior and exterior and what experience they would like the architecture to create.

I always ask the stakeholders, “if the building could talk, what would you want it to say to visitors, what do you want their experience to be and what feelings would you want them to have from interacting with the architecture?” Continue reading

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Preparing for a Creative Exchange of Ideas

Facilities Similar to Possible Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center

All the players are invited, the agenda is set and the charrette room is reserved; now we need to set the stage for the event. To have a really good charrette, you need to prepare yourselves and the attendees so that the maximum exchange of information, dialogue and ideas can occur. Continue reading

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Anatomy of a “Charrette”

FSB Charrette Images for Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center

Charrette; architects love this word, but you can’t find it in the typical dictionary.

It’s used in the academic teaching environment as a cool vernacular term we are introduced to as students.  It is sometimes associated with a rite of passage known to students as pulling all nighters. I have vivid college memories of my third year design lab and grueling hours dedicated to searching for the lofty meaning of life embodied in my design only to be put back into a humbling place on critique day.

(new post each Tuesday, coming next; The Paso Doble of Programming, Charrette Day) Continue reading

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