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Local Beta – Bedré Cafe


Corrine, Operations Manager of the ARTesian Gallery and Studios, and I walk across the intersection of Muskogee and First towards Bedré Cafe. As we walk she shares her visions of what could be; “On summer nights, I would love to see food trucks down here on a Thursday night and give the people a reason to come out. Just to step out of the ordinary, bring a bit of OKC here. Corrine then reflects back to the ARTesian, “we also have discussed a 2 and 3 day masters level art class that people have expressed an interest in; like Mike Larson, Margaret Wheeler. They have a great calling internationally; people know that. 3 or 4 people [could come for class] and stay at the [Artesian] hotel; do art 5-6 hours per day, go the park. There is a lot of potential.”

We step into Bedré Cafe. Continue reading

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Local Beta – the ARTesian Gallery and Studios

ARTesian Exterior

I am making a trip to the Visitor Center to check in with the project manager for the Chickasaw Nation to see how the project close-out is coming along and to see the facility in operation first hand. While I’m there, I take the opportunity to check in with other Chickasaw projects and Chickasaw acquaintances. I call ahead to see if I can get a special tour of the ARTesian Gallery and Studios. This project was a part of a trio of projects that celebrated a joint ribbon cutting dedication which included the Chickasaw Visitor Center. Corrine Gallup/Operations Manager for the ARTesian agrees to meet me when I arrive. Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Well, it’s time for another celebration. Happy 2nd Anniversary

This marks the second anniversary of the FSB Blog that launched two years ago in January of 2012. By all standards we have beaten the track record of the majority of blog launches that have not sustained this timeframe and many others that have not been able to maintain an unbroken string of a new post every week.

Thanks to all of you whether you are followers, fellow bloggers,  Continue reading

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On the Drawing Board


“On the Drawing Board” is an old school term that still gets kicked around and I’m curious just how many of you are familiar with the saying. It’s one of those terms that is most relevant to the design industry; architects, engineers, graphic artists, interior designers, etc. It goes back to the day of drafting tables and drafting stools when designers would actually draw up their ideas on paper taped to the boards and eventually would create construction drawings on paper taped to the same boards using mechanical and hand-held devices to draw the line work.

But then the automated world came into the design workplace. Continue reading

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