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The Gateway Project

FSB Architectural Cues for Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center

A project begins with an idea. Firmly planted, the idea becomes a seed that grows ever stronger into a dream of increasing passion. The sowing process can take the form of sharing the idea with key players to gain support both in terms of solidifying and justifying the need and supporting the idea financially. If support is great and the passion strong, the dream becomes a vision that is ripe for advancing. All of my discussions with the leadership of the Chickasaw Nation tell me we are ready to move forward.

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The Client

The Warrior sculpture at Chickasaw Nation Headquarters


The Chickasaw Nation is one of 38 federally recognized Native American tribes in Oklahoma. The native homelands of the Chickasaws are located throughout parts of Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee. The Chickasaws were among several Native American tribes that were relocated to Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma. But theirs was a part of a tragic tale in history known as the Trail of Tears. The Chickasaw Nation land is located in south central Oklahoma and its boundary covers 13 counties. The headquarters of the Chickasaw Nation is located in Ada, Oklahoma.

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The Site

FSB Illustration: Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center Project Site and Views

The proposed site for the Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center is located in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Sulphur is known as the City of Springs because of the local mineral waters and was initially named Sulphur Springs. Within twelve years of being formed as a township in 1892, the city has a unique history of being moved between three different sites. The population of Sulphur in 2009 was 4900. For you geomappers, the current location of Sulphur is 34˚30’33” N 96˚58’31”W on the globe.

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The Location

Oklahoma Tourism/top photo by Jim Werner, bottom photo by Bill Bryant

The Chickasaw Visitor Center is located in the southern portion of the North American region of the Great Plains. The region extends from the Dakotas to upper Texas in a north south band of open prairies that defines the central United States.


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