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Getting to Know the Players – Take Ten

Players - Take 10

Interview by Fred Schmidt

Sharon Richardson, ASID, Senior Interior Designer, is a certified interior designer with FSB and has been leading the interiors effort on the Chickasaw Visitor Center.

Sharon, tell the Blog followers about your role on the project.

Sharon: Interior designer. Choosing finishes and furniture for the project. Helping the architects with some of the exterior finishes as well. Getting the furniture and finishes to function appropriately and work with the clients’ needs and desires for the spaces. And it’s fun. It’s a fun process for me. I love doing this. Continue reading

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Stumps and Stools

Plant Materials

In addition to the architectural concentration of courses, the architecture curriculum also touches on related disciplines of engineering, interiors and landscape. I had a combined landscape/interiors course that taught us enough to be dangerous. We all referred to that class as “stumps and stools.” It did give us an appreciation for those design disciplines and a vocabulary that let us communicate in their vernacular language.

But when we need the real thing designed, we engage those professionals that are fully trained and versed in the discipline. So for landscape we retained Howard Fairbairn Site Design and worked with Scott Howard/Landscape Architect to achieve the landscape design and construction documents. I debriefed with Scott to get a rundown on the landscape solution and documents. Continue reading

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Getting to Know the Players – Take Nine

Scott Howard, LA

Interview by Fred Schmidt

Scott Howard is a Landscape Architect and partner at Howard-Fairbairn Site Design located in Oklahoma City. FSB retained Scott to be the landscape architect for the Chickasaw Visitor Center project.

Scott, tell us about your role on the project.

Scott: Well basically we are the project landscape architects that were brought in as soon at the project became a real project. We worked with Jason Holuby and some of the other design team members and kind of got a feel for what you all were looking to accomplish from an architectural standpoint and how the building related to the site. Continue reading

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Remembering the Client

Piomingo-Chickasaw War Chief

Piomingo-Chickasaw Pre-Removal War Chief at the Historic Capitol

We have been slogging down the path of sharing the adventure of taking a project from Vision to Reality with you for the past 92 posts which have spanned over the past 21 months. Through this time period we have explored the unfolding of a special project by sharing challenging activities along the way. However, it is easy to lose sight of why we are even able to share this project with you. Continue reading

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