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What Lies Ahead


There are several things on the table for the OCU School of Law project and several things brewing for the Blog. A number of things seem to want to command center stage for being the most important and at the top of the list, not surprisingly, is money. Things brewing are more in line with things like meeting new Blog guests, exploring local beta and uncovering more of the historic legacy of the building.

Money Talks

The financial viability of the project was a part of the big “go-no go” analysis of the existing building.

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Divergent View 2


The Forgotten Competition

I was recently driving down Lindsay Street in Norman when I my eyes landed upon a structure that invoked a déjà vu moment. I thought to myself “could this be the product of a distant design competition?”

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Rewards – a job well done

CN VC View 1

Corrine and I walk from the Bedré Cafe to the Chickasaw Visitor Center. We talk about how the intersection could be textured with pavers to create an awareness for vehicular traffic of the pedestrian traffic and that this is a special zone of circulation. We talk about the old church up the street and how it could become a community playhouse or an ole opry mini-Branson venue.

As we approach the north entrance of the Chickasaw Visitor Center, we meet up with Cynthia Hines, the Supervisor of the Visitor Center on the sidewalk. Continue reading

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Local Beta – Bedré Cafe


Corrine, Operations Manager of the ARTesian Gallery and Studios, and I walk across the intersection of Muskogee and First towards Bedré Cafe. As we walk she shares her visions of what could be; “On summer nights, I would love to see food trucks down here on a Thursday night and give the people a reason to come out. Just to step out of the ordinary, bring a bit of OKC here. Corrine then reflects back to the ARTesian, “we also have discussed a 2 and 3 day masters level art class that people have expressed an interest in; like Mike Larson, Margaret Wheeler. They have a great calling internationally; people know that. 3 or 4 people [could come for class] and stay at the [Artesian] hotel; do art 5-6 hours per day, go the park. There is a lot of potential.”

We step into Bedré Cafe. Continue reading

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Local Beta – the ARTesian Gallery and Studios

ARTesian Exterior

I am making a trip to the Visitor Center to check in with the project manager for the Chickasaw Nation to see how the project close-out is coming along and to see the facility in operation first hand. While I’m there, I take the opportunity to check in with other Chickasaw projects and Chickasaw acquaintances. I call ahead to see if I can get a special tour of the ARTesian Gallery and Studios. This project was a part of a trio of projects that celebrated a joint ribbon cutting dedication which included the Chickasaw Visitor Center. Corrine Gallup/Operations Manager for the ARTesian agrees to meet me when I arrive. Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Well, it’s time for another celebration. Happy 2nd Anniversary

This marks the second anniversary of the FSB Blog that launched two years ago in January of 2012. By all standards we have beaten the track record of the majority of blog launches that have not sustained this timeframe and many others that have not been able to maintain an unbroken string of a new post every week.

Thanks to all of you whether you are followers, fellow bloggers,  Continue reading

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Mapping the Course – what’s next

IMG_4826 - Copy

While we continue to close the project out, there are a number of upcoming events.

Current Events

The facility has had its ribbon cutting and is open to visitors. However, we are still creating lists of incomplete items and/or items to be corrected (punch lists). The most recent visits have been to review the landscaping and landscape irrigation systems, gray water system and HVAC systems operation. There are new items to be corrected and a list of previous items that are still being corrected. The contractor still has a full-time superintendent on the job site overseeing this aspect of the work. Continue reading

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A Day of Celebration and Ribbons

Photo Courtesy of the Ardmoreite

Photo Courtesy of the Ardmoreite

The milestone that signifies the Owner’s public celebration of the completion of the project is the Day of Dedication more commonly known as the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The ceremony inaugurates the official opening of a facility for its planned use. Amongst a hat trick of grand openings, the Visitor Center was dedicated along with the new Bedre Café and the ARTisian Gallery. All these facilities occupy the main Sulphur downtown intersection of First Street and Muskogee Avenue. It is fitting that the 100th Post of the FSB Blog would celebrate this major milestone of the Chickasaw Visitor Center. Continue reading


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Getting to Know the Players – Take Ten

Players - Take 10

Interview by Fred Schmidt

Sharon Richardson, ASID, Senior Interior Designer, is a certified interior designer with FSB and has been leading the interiors effort on the Chickasaw Visitor Center.

Sharon, tell the Blog followers about your role on the project.

Sharon: Interior designer. Choosing finishes and furniture for the project. Helping the architects with some of the exterior finishes as well. Getting the furniture and finishes to function appropriately and work with the clients’ needs and desires for the spaces. And it’s fun. It’s a fun process for me. I love doing this. Continue reading

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Getting to Know the Players – Take Nine

Scott Howard, LA

Interview by Fred Schmidt

Scott Howard is a Landscape Architect and partner at Howard-Fairbairn Site Design located in Oklahoma City. FSB retained Scott to be the landscape architect for the Chickasaw Visitor Center project.

Scott, tell us about your role on the project.

Scott: Well basically we are the project landscape architects that were brought in as soon at the project became a real project. We worked with Jason Holuby and some of the other design team members and kind of got a feel for what you all were looking to accomplish from an architectural standpoint and how the building related to the site. Continue reading

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