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Delivering the Goods – building delivery systems

Birdseye View Visitor Center

There are a number of systems within the building that are designed to deliver something unique and specific to that system. We have discussed some of these already, but there are several more that we will see being installed at the project in the weeks to come. Some of these unique delivery systems include: Continue reading

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Other Underground Movements

Floor Plan

There are other things moving about underground at the Visitor Center. Within the assembly of the building, there are several other systems moving about under the floor slabs.

  • Storm Drain Lines
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Grey Water Lines
  • Conduits for Power
  • Conduits for Communications/Data

Throughout design and the development of construction drawings there is a lot of planning that goes into systems integration and coordination and how all these building systems are woven together in a tidy manner. Within the construction sequence, the building must be layered from the ground up and there are certain systems that must go into the ground before being covered up. This post focuses on the systems that are placed underneath the concrete slab on grade. Continue reading

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Setting the Stage – a continuous effort

erection 3D-neg

 3D View of the Structural Steel Fame

The stage is continually being set for the upcoming construction activities. There is an important sequence of steps that occurs from visioning and design concepts to the realization of the project in its physical form. We have been through many of these to date in previous posts: Continue reading

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Infiltration – an underground movement

WP Photo-1

One of the feared and dreaded infiltration movements in architecture is the movement of moisture into a building. Keeping water out of buildings is a constant vigil within the industry. We’ll take a look at how stopping this movement below the surface, underground, has been addressed. A fair amount of the underground waterproofing has been installed at the Visitor Center at this point; particularly on the north side of the project where the building is tucked into the sloping site.

No one wants to hear the words “roof leak, window leak, wall leak or any other kind of leak” that shows up as stained ceilings, stained walls, wet carpet or worse. However, one of our more noted colleagues, Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “if the roof doesn’t leak, the architect hasn’t been creative enough.” Frank is certainly known for his creative architecture, but may also have a share of famous buildings that have experienced water infiltration.

Aevar Hardarson, an architect and research fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, took a shot at providing insights to this problem area in a doctorial study Continue reading

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A New Year

Happy New Year

We wish you a Prosperous, Healthy and Joyous 2013

We are starting a new year at the project site, but essentially picking up where we left off. We meet at the site for a project progress meeting every other week. The last meeting was December 20, 2012 and the next meeting will be January 10, 2013 with a little interruption due to the holidays. The Contractor maps out a 3 week look ahead to share the anticipated construction activities that will occur in the coming weeks. Construction schedules are always a work in progress as any number of things can crop us that either accelerate or delay the schedule. The 3 week look ahead shared on December 20 is shown below.  Recent snow and ice have pushed some activities off by about a week. Continue reading

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