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Glazed Over – a frame of reference

Large North Glazing

Picking back up with the exterior glass of the Visitor Center, we’ll take a look at the shop drawing submittals. The industry term for the glass units that fit in the aluminum framing is “Glazing.” The post on “Transparency-seeing through it all” focused on the glazing portion of the system. This time we will focus on the aluminum framing system that holds the glass in place.

The above image shows the north elevation of the Visitor Center and the corresponding shop drawing submittals for the large area of aluminum framing. Continue reading


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Schedule Update – let’s see what’s ahead

Site Sketch 1

Looking Forward

The site sketch above provides some clues to the main activity on the job site.  We’ll take a break from glass research and catch up on what’s ahead. The recent 3 week look ahead that was discussed at the site meeting indicates 8 major activities that will be the focus of construction in the coming days: Continue reading

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Transparency – seeing through it all

Gallery-west end

The Gallery space is surrounded by exterior walls of glass. The configuration of this space and the resulting amount of glass was by design. The concept for this space and the goals for the building as a whole go back to the Visioning phase of the project. Continue reading

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Air Time – special delivery

Orange Delivery System

The mystery building delivery system that concluded the last post is part of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. More specifically it is part of the HVAC air delivery. There are several different air delivery components to the HVAC system that include rectangular metal ductwork, round metal ductwork, flexible ductwork and under floor ductwork. With the ductwork there is a whole series of accessories that include duct liners, insulation pins and washers, sealants, gaskets, hangers and supports. Continue reading

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