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That Moment of Relief

 water feature details-1

Restrooms; they come by many names.

  • Bathroom is interchangeable with restroom
  • Public toilet or public lavatory
  • Public loo (less formal Aussie version)
  • Comfort room (C.R.)
  • There are single compartment restrooms
  • Multiple fixture restrooms
  • And coming on to the market are gender-neutral or unisex restrooms. These were introduced as the single compartment variety, but are now showing up as multiple fixture restrooms that are not gender specific in terms of signage or usage; more so in Europe than state side. You no longer have to worry that you accidentally walked into the wrong restroom. Continue reading


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Getting to Know the Players – Take Eight

Lowe Runkle -  Project Architect-Construction Administrator

interview by Fred Schmidt

Lowe Runkle is a licensed architect at FSB and has been directly involved in the Chickasaw Visitor Center project in two key roles; one as Project Architect and the other as Construction Administrator.

Let’s reflect back on the project to the point when you found out you would be working on the Chickasaw Visitor Center. What were your thoughts at that time? Continue reading

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A Material World – but not just yet

Gallery Space

The Gallery Area is the grandest space in the Chickasaw Visitor Center, high volume, high level of finishes, rich, warm, lots of natural light, and fantastic views. The space is essentially closed in and there is attention now being given to this grand area of the building. Progress is steady but not particularly rocking and rolling. Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

Proposed - Actual ; West Elevation

It seems inevitable that the closer we get to our destination we begin to get impatient. During the final portion of our journey, time seems to slow to a snail’s pace. Things are in slow motion compared to the high energy beginning of the trip. We have all been on that family trip either as kids or with kids when this phenomenon occurs. The length of the trip is not so much a factor (to another town, to another state) so long as it’s long enough to bring on that antsy feeling.

Well, I’m feeling antsy. Continue reading

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Project Closeout – what’s all the fuss


Our Vision of the Completed Visitor Center

Closing out a project and turning it over to the owner is the final moment that every project works towards. It’s a celebratory event where all parties can say to each other “job well done.” It’s accompanied by ribbon cutting, christening, food, beverage and proud moments of fellowship. Well, that’s the ideal path. But it seems that closing out a project is not always a simple procedure. There’s a lot to accomplish in the final weeks and days. So FSB agreed with the contractor that we would make bringing the project to a timely and smooth closeout a focused and determined joint effort. Continue reading

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