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When Substitutions Occur

Copper Wall Cladding

Copper Versus Painted Metal Wall Cladding

How do decisions like trading out copper for painted metal come about? Copper was a desired aesthetic component of the Visitor Center. It matched the use of copper at the Chickasaw Cultural Center which was the primary reference point and inspiration for the architectural character of the Visitor Center. The reason for considering painted metal was a concern over the copper being touchable by the public thereby creating visible markings from hand prints and its cost.

The decision to consider a substitution for the copper cladding was bundled with other cost reduction items Continue reading

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Some challenging questions ahead…


Where is the finish line? Closing out a project is perhaps the most challenging activity we all deal with. There are so many final things to get done and that’s just on the construction side. There is all the paperwork too. Where are we on the checklist? That’s a question for the contractor. Continue reading

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Natural Beauty – materials in the raw

Slate Flooring

There are materials that have a natural richness and warmth. When they are truly natural materials, they are even more amazing. This is the case with the flooring in the Gallery space. The Gallery is the most richly appointed space in the Visitor Center with wood ceilings, natural stone walls, metal wall panels, broad expanses of glass and the natural slate flooring.

There is a lot of effort that is not recognized in making sure that materials installed in a building will last. The design for the Visitor Center is one that we want to last for a long time and FSB paid extra attention to the design of each assembly of materials to assure that the finish product would endure time. The floor assembly in the Gallery is one that received special attention. Continue reading

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Local Beta – revisiting a bygone era

The Artesian

The Artesian Hotel was for many decades only a memory of a bygone era until the Chickasaw Nation decided it was time to recreate it on its original site. During its early days, the hotel was used as the Summer White House for Oklahoma’s first Governor Charles Haskell. The hotel was also a popular destination for prestigious guests that included John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to name a few.

The Artesian Hotel which first opened as the Winston Hotel in 1906 and was the brainchild of J.M Bayless and C.J. Webster who wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the natural springs that were a part of the new national park land that became known as Platt National Park. A significant number of interior pieces and furnishings used in the hotel came from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The Artesian was in its hay day in the 20’s and 30’s and Platt National Park was only second to Yellowstone National Park in annual attendance. Continue reading

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