From The Inside Out

Chickasaw Visitor Center Possible Lobby Materials

Interior design is today a broad field of skill sets, but the part we invariably relate to the design profession is the interior feel of a space which is largely influenced by the materials we see, walk on and touch. It’s like an artist’s brush that has been stroked across the interior surfaces creating a mixture of colors, textures and visual excitement. While the creativity comes from the designer, the direction is once again cast by the goals and objectives set by the client. The interior designer transforms the desired effects and feelings to be evoked into a palette of materials that together speak the language of the room to those who visit and experience the space.

FSB has additionally been charged with selecting the furniture to be placed within each space which contributes further to the feel and character that is experienced. The furniture must work in concert with the interior palate to create a cohesive statement. As with the design of architectural and engineering systems, there is not just one solution. So multiple concepts are developed and presented to the client for feedback and the final solution is zeroed into as a result. The banner above shares the furniture and finishes that are proposed for the high bay Exhibit/Lobby space.

Unless a specific direction is given, the palate of materials for a space typically works around the flooring selection. The floor plane is the dominant surface of the room from which the other surfaces grow upward. A rich slate floor is selected for the Exhibit/Lobby, the ceilings are a warm linear wood panel, there are large expanses of glass to the north and south and the remaining wall surfaces are copper paneling and painted surfaces. The seating is soft and inviting and wood side tables compliment the warm surfaces of the space.

Private Offices

Chickasaw Visitor Center Possible Private Offices

Open Offices

Open Office for Chickasaw Visitor Center

The furniture in all the spaces from Exhibit/Lobby, to Conference Room, to Private Offices and Open Offices are commercial quality. This level of furniture construction provides durable pieces that will withstand the heavy daily usage and wear of visitors and staff.

 Conference Room

Chickasaw Visitor Center Conference

The conclusion of the interior design effort culminates with a presentation to the client through a combination of a finish board and actual samples of each material. A furnishings plan illustrates the layout of furniture and floor patterns.  As design progresses to construction documents, the interiors information becomes incorporated into material schedules, room finish schedules and furniture schedules that are complimented by written specifications for each component.

The client is pleased with the selections and we have finalized the architectural, interior and engineering designs. We are ready to transition fully into construction documents. It’s time to get into the details of the project.

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