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The FSB Blog has been generating interest globally but has also caught the interest of local media. If you are interested in all things Oklahoma, which would naturally include the FSB Blog featuring the Chickasaw Visitor Center, Oklahoma now has an international exposure thanks to OklaVision. The broadband network features a live weekday news cast, OklaVision Live, along with special feature videos of varying length. The focus is on the people, places and items of interest in Oklahoma. The live broadcast is generated at the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City and the studio is located in the one building that is completed to date on the campus. You can tune in to the live broadcast Monday through Friday from Noon to 1 p.m. CST. I catch it on cable TV channel 3.

One of OklaVision’s recent videos is a special on Chickasaw Country (formerly known as the Arbuckle Country tourism district) which is located in south central Oklahoma. While they are visiting a number of areas of interest, the one of particular note is an interview on the Chickasaw Visitor Center with yours truly. Local reporter Katie Kurtz is conducting the interview. We met on the site of the future Visitor Center which is located directly across the street from the Donut Palace and directly south of the re-creation of the Artesian Hotel which is under construction.

Katie Kurtz is a spunky investigative reporter with a very professional approach and demeanor. She has an easygoing but cheery manner that makes the interview as comfortable as having a casual conversation with an old friend. Her smile was infectious and as the afternoon breeze tossed her long blond hair we talked about the project. Amid the conversation I got lost in her deep blue eyes. When the interview was over, I was at a total loss for why I felt like an ice cream cone melting into the hot summer pavement. Probably the hot Oklahoma weather.

Our conversation touched on the inspiration for the design of the Chickasaw Visitor Center and its characteristics which were drawn from a combination of the Chickasaw municipal buildings, the historic structures of the national park and the nearby Chickasaw Cultural Center. We talked about the sustainable design elements of the project that reflect the Chickasaw’s value of being good stewards of the land that would gain a high level of LEED certification for the project. And we discussed the concept of connecting the downtown location of the Visitor Center with the Cultural Center via a trail and bike path system through the park.

The video covers a number of attractions and areas of interest throughout Chickasaw Country but you can fast forward to minute 26:25 to see the interview on the Chickasaw Visitor Center. To enjoy, “Click Here.”

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