The First Pour – a notable milestone

The primary activity over the past couple of weeks at the job site has been bringing in select earth fill by the truckload followed by compacting it with large earth work equipment. The one piece of equipment that does the major job is the sheep’s foot roller that shows up in the overall site photos. In the photos above you can see familiar neighbors including the Donut Palace and Artesian Hotel

The modified French drain as been effective in intercepting the water that continues to seep into the site from the north and east edges of the property. The following series of photos shows the construction of the French drain. The drain is created in the following steps:

The trench is dug and lined with filter fabric which allows water in but keeps out silt and mud that can clog up the drain assembly.

Drain pipe which is a special pipe that is perforated on the sides and solid on the bottom allows water to seep in and flow. The pipe must have some slope from the high point to the low point of discharge to have water collect and flow properly.

Gravel is the next ingredient. The drain pipe sits on a shallow bed of gravel which then surrounds the sides and top of the pipe to a greater depth.

The Contractor has been preparing for the “First Pour.” This is always a noted milestone in the construction timeline and depending on the scale of the project can be a large operation. However, it is regardless a significant tick mark for any project.

The activity I’m referring to is the first time that mixing trucks show up at the job site and concrete is poured into forms. The First Pour for the Visitor Center was the concrete slab located in the elevator pit. It is located in the bottom of the elevator shaft and represents the lowest slab in the project.

The concrete side walls of the elevator shaft are being formed and it won’t be long before there will be a 2nd , 3rd and 4th pour on the site.

On another note, today is election day. So, exercise your right to vote.

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