Air Time – special delivery

Orange Delivery System

The mystery building delivery system that concluded the last post is part of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. More specifically it is part of the HVAC air delivery. There are several different air delivery components to the HVAC system that include rectangular metal ductwork, round metal ductwork, flexible ductwork and under floor ductwork. With the ductwork there is a whole series of accessories that include duct liners, insulation pins and washers, sealants, gaskets, hangers and supports.

The round orange material in the site photos is actually fiberglass and is for the underground ductwork. The fiberglass underground ductwork is located in a limited area of the building at the entry vestibule and the entry lobby. The following mechanical floor plan shows the layout of the underground ductwork to these areas.

Underground Ductwork

The architectural drawings include several sections through the building. The building section below is cut east and west through the building and is looking to the north. You can see the high volume Gallery space and below which is the mechanical crawl space where ductwork originates to serve the Gallery, Entry Lobby and Entry Vestibule.

Building Section

I have not seen this orange-colored fiberglass duct on a job site before. Just shows you that there is always something new to see at the construction site. The submittal for the fiberglass duct walks you through all the particulars of assembling the pieces of duct together.

Here are some descriptions of the building delivery systems from the quiz in the last post with what’s unique about them and how they deliver their goods.

Domestic Hot Water System; this system delivers hot water to each of the plumbing fixtures that are scheduled to have hot water which are primarily sinks. The unique thing about this system is that it is a part of the LEED certification. The hot water is being generated by solar panel collectors on the lower roof of the Visitor Center.

People/Materials Delivery System; the question here is “what building component is this?” it’s located in the center of the building and basically delivers people and materials up and down. The building component is the elevator that connects 2 different floor levels of the Visitor Center. It is an essential element to providing ADA access within the building.

Recent Photos

The photos at the beginning of the post are showing the pieces of fiberglass ductwork being assembled. The workmen are using the floor slab of the lower office areas as their work platform. The photos below show the underflow duct as it is installed in place. You can see some of the ducts connected to the boots that are going to deliver air to the floor diffusers in the lobby and vestibule.

Underground Ductwork In Place

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