Schedule Update – let’s see what’s ahead

Site Sketch 1

Looking Forward

The site sketch above provides some clues to the main activity on the job site.  We’ll take a break from glass research and catch up on what’s ahead. The recent 3 week look ahead that was discussed at the site meeting indicates 8 major activities that will be the focus of construction in the coming days:

  • Structural Steel Erection: as the steel goes up, it begins to give the building a 3 dimensional character. You begin to see the overall height and the exterior wall planes become more apparent. The schedule shows it being a continuous activity over the next 3 weeks.
  • Pour Remainder Slab on Grade: this is the upper slab on grade in the northeast portion of the building footprint. The lower slabs that define the office area and mechanical crawl space have already been poured.
  • Site Utilities: this encompasses a number of systems that are in various stages of work; water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm water lines, gas lines and underground power/data.
  • Miscellaneous Site Concrete: this includes concrete pads for equipment, sidewalks, etc.
  • Exterior Wall Framing/Sheathing: this is the exterior wall system consisting of metal studs and a sheet good placed on the exterior side of the studs. As the wall system advances the exterior masonry, siding and smaller scale windows will be integrated in to these walls once again on the exterior side. As the building progresses further and is closed in and acclimatized, the interior sheetrock will be fastened to the interior side of the studs with insulation being placed in the interior cavity.
  • OGE Line Relocation: if you recall from earlier discussions and photos, there is a major overhead public utility power line and power poles that run east-west along the southern property line. These are visually not desirable in what is the front yard of the Visitor Center. So, they are being placed underground beginning west of the donut shop across the street to the end of the block to the east.
  • Roofing Insulation: this signals that the metal deck that sits over the roof structure will be in place as a part of the structural steel activity and that the roofing system is getting in the queue to be installed. There are 2 roof levels on the project; one over the high bay Gallery space and a lower roof that is over the office area in the east and south portion of the building.

3 week look ahead 2-18-13_Page_1

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