The Final Days – looking to the gran terminus

ancient civilizations

Ancient Civilizations A World Apart

Having spent the last week tromping around Roman ruins (the last post was sent to you from Roma), there is a poignant meaning to the final days. The end of an empire, the end of a life style and the end of everything as they knew it before plunging in to a dark period in history. While we are in the final days of our project, it represents not only the end, but also the beginning. The end of a long journey and the beginning of a new building giving life to the region. A celebration of sharing new experiences and adventures. The roots of this project and the culture of the Chickasaw Nation go back in time parallel to the history of the ancient European empires.

We are in fact reaching the final days of the Chickasaw Visitor Center project that we have been tracking for over 18 months. So here’s what’s ahead.

Construction Progress


We’ll catch up on where the project is since that last visit to the job site. What the subcontractors are up to and how well they are doing.

The Construction Schedule – the final days and weeks.

Substantial Completion is projected to occur on July 15, 2013. It’s a major milestone in the project towards final completion. We’ll see what the contractor’s upcoming schedule is and if it matches this goal.

Punch Lists

Part of preparing for substantial completion is generating a list of things that need to be corrected or are incomplete. This list should not be extensive and should only represent those final items required to get to the finish of the project. We’ll share with you some of the typical items that go on a punch list and some of the things that should not.

Substantial Completion

This is the point in time that the Owner can take beneficial occupancy of the building. In doing so, the Owner typically takes responsibility for operation of the building that can include items like insurance, maintenance and utilities. All warranties typically begin at this time. We’ll get into the details of the ins and outs of substantial completion.

Final Completion

This signals that everything is complete; as in totally done. When the Owner accepts the building, they typically release the contractor from any further obligations other than warranties. There are a number of things that the contractor must deliver to the Owner in terms of documents and paperwork. We’ll go through the full checklist. Final completion is currently scheduled for the end of July 2013.


Ciao (Chow)


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2 responses to “The Final Days – looking to the gran terminus

  1. Patrice Andrews

    Great comparison of ancient civilizations-and to personally experience both. Thanks for sharing.

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