Mapping the Course – what’s next

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While we continue to close the project out, there are a number of upcoming events.

Current Events

The facility has had its ribbon cutting and is open to visitors. However, we are still creating lists of incomplete items and/or items to be corrected (punch lists). The most recent visits have been to review the landscaping and landscape irrigation systems, gray water system and HVAC systems operation. There are new items to be corrected and a list of previous items that are still being corrected. The contractor still has a full-time superintendent on the job site overseeing this aspect of the work.

Close-out items need to be reviewed and status established; along with correcting the punch list there is the transfer of documents, final testing of system operations, warranties, final documentation of LEED credits and a number of other things.

Upcoming Events

Local Beta – Bedre Café

Bedre - Copy

While this is touted as a chocolate lover’s paradise, what is so magical about this place and what is it they offer?



A Visit with a Visitor


We’ll catch some visitors in the Visitor Center and find out what they are planning to see and what their impressions are of the center.



Local Beta – ARTesian Gallery and Studio

art gallery - Copy

What kind of art and what artist’s work is on display? What is the kind of classes they might offer? There is talk of resident artists and studios for rent. We’ll find out what this place is about.


What is Next

Final Exterior Render0035 - Copy

We’ll review what is on the boards at FSB, what stages they are in and what some of the project experiences are.

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