Testing Design Options and Creativity

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 1

Studying how a vertical circulation spine and the interaction that it can introduce to the building organization was an enlivening and creatively infusive exercise. Each scheme that was developed seemed as strong and powerful as the previous one and yet each one very distinctive with its own strong character statement.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 2

The circulation concept in the previous post was based on creating an atrium thru the center of the building. Presented here are 2 additional concepts that are illustrated side by side. The one on the left is an external stair concept that becomes expressed on the façade of the building.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 3

The concept on the right is a linear open stairway that nearly runs the length of the building as it traverses multiple levels. It brings you to a different station within the east-west building axis pushing you off at a different location on each floor.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 4

This is the exhilaration that design can have on you as you explore and uncover multiple solutions for the same problem challenge. In this case every concept could stand on its own strength next to the others.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 5

With each circulation concept came a variation of the organization of the spaces on each floor plate.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 6

As we studied each concept our evaluation was not just of the stair but also how each solution influenced the variations in the layout of each level. The experience of circulation and flow into each floor had to be considered as one in deciding the strengths of each concept.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 7

Unfortunately, we never had to decide which concept was the best for reasons that will be presented in next weeks post.

FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 8

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