What Lies Ahead


There are several things on the table for the OCU School of Law project and several things brewing for the Blog. A number of things seem to want to command center stage for being the most important and at the top of the list, not surprisingly, is money. Things brewing are more in line with things like meeting new Blog guests, exploring local beta and uncovering more of the historic legacy of the building.

Money Talks

The financial viability of the project was a part of the big “go-no go” analysis of the existing building.

FSB’s part one analysis of testing the school’s program of needs against available building space passed the test. FSB’s second task of estimating the cost of the project set the bar for the budget and defined the financial needs and challenges. The financial viability of the project would greatly benefit from gaining available tax credits and there are 2 opportunities:

  • New Market Tax Credits


An upcoming Post will explore what New Market Tax Credits are and how you get in line to get some.

  • Historic Tax Credits

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Being that we are dealing with maintaining the integrity of a historic structure, there are tax credits to help with that. But what do you have to go through to qualify and then obtain these tax credits?


People Talk




There are some interesting players that are stakeholders in this project. I will be exploring opportunities to bring their views on life and this project to you and let you experience their role in the process.

Local Talk




There is a lot of interesting Local Beta in the vicinity of the project. These local endeavors will be influenced by their new neighbor and vice versa. As School of Law students, faculty and staff show up full-time, they will be exploring their surroundings and new neighbors for the first time as well and making discoveries of their own.

History Talk





The building FSB is renovating is now some 104 years old. While that may not be old by worldly standards, it is old by Oklahoma standards. What new stories can the building tell us about its past?

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