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The Cast System – a la construction

Construction Panorama

There are many things considered “cast” in the building industry. The cast system we are discussing is related to construction and in that regard we are talking about materials at the site that are fabricated in situ (in place). So we are looking at those items that are cast-in-place at the project site. There are a variety of items that could potentially be cast-in-place on a project, but by enlarge the most significant cast-in-place product at the site is concrete.

Let’s look at the nature of concrete on the project. The drawings and specifications guide the contractor in the construction of the cast-in-place (CIP) concrete systems. So, we will take a look at the specifications for CIP Concrete which is located in specification Section 033000. At some point for reference we will need to calculate the amount (volume) of concrete in the project to get an order of magnitude of the quantity involved. We are several pours down the road and the amount that has been poured increases weekly.

The Cast-In-Place Concrete Specification covers some of the following: Continue reading

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