Project Goes Vertical – structure is mushrooming

Construction Panorama

The construction is moving at a calculated, methodical pace. The cast-in-place concrete is steadily rising from the footings upward. The panorama above is from the south part of the site looking north with the construction activity spread from west to east (left to right). The interview last week pointed out the progression of the project as it moves from a design on paper to placing and integrating the materials. The following series of diagrams shows that progression.

Plan Comparison

Footing Detail - 1

I ran into the concrete subcontractor while at the site. It was late afternoon and all the other workers had already called it a day. Chuck was determined to excavate one more set of footings before shutting it down. The paint markings on the dirt outline spot footings at the building entry facing south. Chuck is the fourth generation in his family business. He explained that the vertical wall forms have only one side of the form installed for inspection purposes.

Construction Progress-3

The building official likes to inspect the form with one side open that allows him to see the configuration of the rebar. The inspector then likes to come back a second time when both sides of the vertical wall forms are in place to inspect in an additional time. At that time you can see how well the rebar is placed within the cavity of the wall and how the top of the next concrete pour is being addressed. From previously working with the building inspector, Chuck understands his preferences and approach to inspections and makes sure everything is done accordingly. This working relationship with inspectors helps maintain a steady flow of the work.

Construction Progress-1

The shape of the Gallery footprint is becoming more apparent as construction progresses. The photo above is looking at the west end of the Gallery.

Construction Progress-2

The north wall is shaping up nicely. These views are looking along the north wall towards the east. The elevator shaft structure can be seen standing by itself. There have been 4 concrete pours since the first pour. We’re movin’ on.

Coming next an interview with the construction team.

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