A Material World – but not just yet

Gallery Space

The Gallery Area is the grandest space in the Chickasaw Visitor Center, high volume, high level of finishes, rich, warm, lots of natural light, and fantastic views. The space is essentially closed in and there is attention now being given to this grand area of the building. Progress is steady but not particularly rocking and rolling. The entire pallet of interior finishes needs to be put into place; ceilings, walls, floors, lighting. The Floor plan below shows you where the Gallery is in the building plan; the west end of the upper level.

Floor Plan Highlighting Gallery

Below are recent photos showing the state of construction in the Gallery Area and Entry Lobby. The photos and the direction of the views are shown on the enlarged plan. The curtain wall with its glass is easily recognizable as you catch views of the exterior surroundings. The exposed structure of steel tube beams traversing horizontally and vertical steel columns are also easily picked out. The vertical steel wall studs are somewhat visible. The light gray material between the studs and on the underside of the roof deck is sprayed on foam insulation. It will eventually be covered up with surfaces of finish materials.

Gallery Plan and Key Photos

Entry Lobby and Gallery

The proposed and actual photos above and below illustrate what we envision the finished space to look like versus the current state of construction. The finish materials that are left to be installed are pretty straight forward in their respective installation process with the exception that the tops of these walls and the ceilings areas vary from 15 to 20 feet above the floor. Installation will require scaffolding and/or scissor lifts to get it all in place. With the notes on the photos, you can get a sense of what materials go where and how much work there is to be done.


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