Are We There Yet?

Proposed - Actual ; West Elevation

It seems inevitable that the closer we get to our destination we begin to get impatient. During the final portion of our journey, time seems to slow to a snail’s pace. Things are in slow motion compared to the high energy beginning of the trip. We have all been on that family trip either as kids or with kids when this phenomenon occurs. The length of the trip is not so much a factor (to another town, to another state) so long as it’s long enough to bring on that antsy feeling.

Well, I’m feeling antsy. I’m ready for the building to be closed in. I want to see the rich finishes going into the Gallery space. I want to see the site being finished; walks, parking, planters, plants and trees. I want to see people experiencing and enjoying the spaces inside and out.

Are we there yet? When will we be there? How much longer?

I have to get myself back together; shake off this restless, impatient, fidgety feeling. Fortunately I haven’t posed any of these questions to the contractor, yet. We are just getting ‘sooo’ close. Three posts ago the discussion was about “Getting Closure.” In comparing that post with this post, we are making progress.

South Elevation Progress

So, what’s left to achieve closure? Completing the installation of the glass in the curtain wall and installing the storefront aluminum and glass entries and vestibules should do it. Yes, there will still be some exterior flat seam metal cladding, exterior finish insulation system and wood soffits to install. But, all that will go over the exterior envelope that is in place.

Getting the exterior buttoned up and tightly sealed is the goal. Once closure is complete, full attention will be on the interior finishes. The interior spaces will feel like the inside of a bee hive with a high level of activity and urgency; at least that’s what I’m looking for. I’m sure it will be the case.

Every week the Visitor Center looks more and more like our renderings and keeps inching ever closer to the journey’s end. While we are not closed in, the interior is taking shape and beginning to resemble the design of the high volume space of the Gallery. Compare these views of actual and proposed interior perspective.

Proposed - Actual ; Interior

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