To be done or not to be done – the big question

Overall Photos

We’ve been talking about getting close, getting done, are we there yet, substantial completion, project closeout and punch lists. Well the process has started. We visited the site for the purpose of developing the punch list of items to be completed or corrected. We spent 3 days looking, observing, inspecting. We found that much was done, but there was still work to do. And there were a number of things that needed to be corrected. Some things were not ready to be looked at; this was the case for the plumbing, so it will have to be another day that we look at that. The HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) system had not been tested and balanced, so that puts a damper on being able to fully review that work.

We were able to create a list of architectural, electrical, fire sprinkler and fire alarm punch list items. But it is a work in progress and so at this time we only have a working draft.

Here are some of the architectural punch list items. Test your skills at matching them up with the photos below.

  1. Downspouts to be sheet metal not PVC, upper and lower roof.
  2. Caulking at curtain wall needs to be cleaned, repaired, several gaps at sills and head conditions need to be cleaned.
  3. Masonry lintels to be painted PT3.
  4. Flat seam metal cladding has finish damage throughout.
  5. Install missing door hardware.
  6. Repair drywall in video room.
  7. Elevator not operational, not punched.
  8. Sealant at gallery floor has gaps, repair.
  9. Joints at AESS very rough inside and outside of south vestibule, repair.
  10. Repair scratched pergola steel at NE entry grid A/16
  11. Provide sealant at open perimeter gaps in soffit.
  12. Install missing door hardware.

Match Game

The exterior site is a mixed bag of completeness. Drives, walks and railing are installed. But the ground is bare and the landscaping effort has only just begun. This includes the installation of plant materials, rock and irrigation system. This work goes quickly, so it should be done in another week.

Site Work Progress

After all the work is done, there is the cleanup effort. Inside floors need to be cleaned, walls need to be cleaned, paint, glue and caulk on surfaces where it doesn’t belong needs to be cleaned and dust accumulated on any variety of surfaces needs to be cleaned. Outside there tends to be a lot of splattering on the walls, stray caulk and sealant and paint where it doesn’t belong.

Final Cleanup

While we may achieve substantial completion by the end of the month, final completion will occur at a later date.

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