FF and E – what duh heck are we talking about


This term means something different to a variety of professions. It seems the greatest use of the term is within the accounting world. From an accounting view-point is has to do with company value. This comes into play when a company is for sale or worse is being liquidated. In this sense we are talking about a company asset albeit one that is aggressively depreciated. So what is this term we are talking about?

FF&E is an acronym for “Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.” These are movable items that have no permanent connection to the building and include items like desks, chairs, computers, other equipment, tables and bookcases. It can also include “Accessories” which can consist of designer waste baskets, lamps, pottery, pillows, area rugs and art objects.  How does this tie into what FSB does?

open furniture

Our involvement in FF&E is in the very early stages before it ever becomes an asset on the books of a company. One of FSB’s professional services to clients is the planning, selection, specifying, bidding, purchase and installation of FF&E. Didn’t know there as so much involved? Just ask one of our interior designers about want it takes to pull this all together and end up with a successful installation.

It begins with the programming/project definition that sets the overall aesthetic flavor and objectives for the project. The furnishings must achieve the same goals as the design of the building while complimenting the building design and achieving specific furniture goals that include ergonomics, feel, character, style, texture and color. FSB’s interior designers focus on merging the expectations of the owner, end-user along with those of the FSB architectural designers.

office furniture

We strive to achieve a creative artistic vision while working within the owner’s unique brand and characteristics. Our end product is to deliver design solutions that make a difference in the distinctive character of the building and enhance the interior environment. Here are the basic steps we go through:

  • Participate with the overall FSB Team to understand and document the client’s vision and goals
  • Interpret those design objectives into furnishings concepts
  • Provide alternative selections for each type of furniture and accessory
  • Facilitate the final selection of FF&E with the client which includes samples of products, fabrics, wood colors and mock-ups
  • Develop drawings and specifications for pricing, acquisition and installation
  • Participate in the bid process by providing clarifications
  • Review submittals to ensure that the design intent is being achieved and the owner is getting the greatest value
  • Work with the suppliers in developing a fabrication, delivery and installation schedule that coordinates with the schedule and completion of the building
  • Provide representation and coordination during delivery and installation
  • identify items that are damaged for replacement
  • Provide quality control throughout the process

The FF&E for the Chickasaw Visitor Center has achieved all of the vision and goals and then some. Installation is happening as we speak.

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