Finding Our Way



It is interesting to find parallels in cultures and experiences across the globe. I had the recent fortune to visit ancient cultures in Spain. The heart of Spain is Madrid its current capitol. It is literally in the geographic center of the country and is considered mile “0”. Less than an hour southwest of Madrid is Toledo which was the earlier capitol of Spain. Toledo is a melting pot of cultures, customs and architecture and is a blend of Christian, Muslim and Jewish influences. The mythological Don Quixote and his sidekick Sancho wondered the plains of central Spain in search of adventure on a quest to restore chivalry. As you travel south in Spain you reach the province of Andalucía and the provincial capital of Sevilla which is rich in Moorish history and architecture.



As we have taken a path of adventure in the design of the Chickasaw Cultural Center, we have discovered Oklahoma to be a melting pot of Native American tribes. Through our quest, we have come to acquaint ourselves with the cultures both past and present of the Chickasaw people. As the ancient cultures of Spain are reflected in their architecture, we sought to incorporate symbolic meaning through the incorporation of Chickasaw history and culture into the design of the Chickasaw Cultural Center.




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2 responses to “Finding Our Way

  1. Tara Lynn

    Thank you for the tour. I feel as if I was there, right next to Sancho as he puzzles over the brilliance that is Don Quixote and right before one of their harrowing adventures.
    Great site!

    • Tara, thanks for sharing your visit and insights to the blog post. I find it interesting how cultures regardless of how distant can relate to the cultural influlences in the design of the Visitor Center.

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