FF&E in the Raw

FF&E Floor Plan

FF&E Floor Plan

Earlier in the design phases when we are designing and exploring furnishings, we typically put together a rendered floor plan that provides a suggestion of how furniture would lay out in the spaces. The process we go through is shared in the post “FF&E what duh heck are we talking about.” We have reviewed the approach to FF&E planning and had a conversation with the interior designer for the project, so now it’s time to look at the documents that were produced for pricing and installation. No pretty pictures, no touchy feely material samples, just plain raw data for getting ‘r done.

FSB’s FF&E pricing and installation package consists of the following information:

From these documents selected vendors are requested to bid the project.

Specifications and Finishes

The furniture shows up in the very final days of the project. All the building finishes are in place. As the furniture comes into the building of the delivery trucks it inspected by FSB to make sure there are no damaged or improperly fabricated pieces. If any are found, they are returned to the truck for replacement. Everything is properly arranged and ready for use.


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