Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Well, it’s time for another celebration. Happy 2nd Anniversary

This marks the second anniversary of the FSB Blog that launched two years ago in January of 2012. By all standards we have beaten the track record of the majority of blog launches that have not sustained this timeframe and many others that have not been able to maintain an unbroken string of a new post every week.

Thanks to all of you whether you are followers, fellow bloggers, regular viewers, first time viewers or web searchers that have touched the FSB Blog site.

FSB’s 2nd year stats are impressive (2013)

  • 52 Posts
  • Best day 200 views on October 29; Post “Getting to Know the Players – Take Ten
  • Top 5 Posts with the most views; “Connections”, “Things That Go Bump In the Night”, “The Client“, ” Stories Thru Symbols”, “Blueprints – what are they-what are they good for”
  • 210 pictures incorporated into the blog
  • Top referring sites for 2013; Facebook, LinkedIn, FSB Website, Twitter and Mail-Yahoo
  • FSB Blog viewed in 115 countries globally; top 5 in order of views – USA , Canada, Philippines, India, United Kingdom
  • Total views for 2013; 12,434

Overall Blog Stats

  • Total Posts to date – 108
  • Best ever day 268 views
  • 404 pictures incorporated into the blog
  • Total Number of Countries that have viewed the FSB Blog 138
  • Total views to date; 26,756

The 2nd Anniversary in Review

2013 composit review

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