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Every now and then there is an experience so singular that it demands interrupting the flow of the current story to share.  A recent experience presented one of those moments. It was a trip to Grand Rapids and a surprise visit to a project designed by one who is considered to be the greatest American architect of all time. The project is the Meyer May House.


As we arrived in Grand Rapids it was clear that winter still had a strong grip on this part of the country. They have received some 7+ feet of snow this winter. Perhaps our cold winter in Oklahoma had prepared us somewhat for this arctic scene. We were all layered up for the occasion.

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The Meyer May house is considered to be a mature example of Prairie style and a stunning example of organic architecture. While you may have already clued into who designed this house, it was Frank Lloyd Wright who in 1908 was commissioned to be the architect for the Meyer May house. At the same time, Central High School in Oklahoma City was also being designed and unknowingly was destined to become the future home of the Oklahoma City University School of Law.


“The prairie has a beauty of its own and we should recognize and accentuate this natural beauty, its quiet level.” Frank Lloyd Wright


In 1985 Steelcase purchased this landmark and spent 2 years restoring it before opening it to the public in 1987. Steelcase considered it to be a gift to the worldwide community as well as their home town of Grand Rapids. It is also intended to pay tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright who in 1936 worked closely with Steelcase in developing office furniture for the Johnson headquarters building.


“I felt sure, even then (1893) that architecture which was really architecture proceeded from the ground and that somehow the terrain, the native industrial conditions, the nature of materials and the purpose of the building, must inevitably determine the form and character of any good building.” Frank Lloyd Wright


My modest camera does not do justice to the beauty of the Meyer May house. Even on this winter day natural light was pouring into the interior spaces through the generous amount of windows that connected the outside to the inside and vice versa. Every view was framed with a detailed level design whether it was glass, woodwork, carpet or wall coveringDiningDining Room



This was an amazing experience to visit first hand a restored Frank Lloyd Wright classic. We were free to roam the nooks and crannies of the house, sit in the furniture and partake of the serenity.


Many thanks to Steelcase for restoring, preserving and sharing this treasure. Thanks to our friends at ScottRice for hosting this experience.

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  1. tiffany harper

    It was our pleasure to have you visit Grand Rapids and share the beautiful Meyer May house with you. It is truly an amazing treasure that we can share with our guests and community as a whole.

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