Some challenging questions ahead…


Where is the finish line? Closing out a project is perhaps the most challenging activity we all deal with. There are so many final things to get done and that’s just on the construction side. There is all the paperwork too. Where are we on the checklist? That’s a question for the contractor.

Metal Wall Panels

What happens when you go from a natural material like copper to a close second like pre-finished metal? How do decisions like this get made? What are the trade-offs? Are metal roofing contractors that install horizontal metal panels the right ones to install a high workmanship installation of flat seam metal cladding, a vertical panel installation? What is “oil canning” anyway?

The Look

Where do aesthetics stand in the pecking order? What happens when what you get isn’t the “look” you were going for. How do you resolve these difficult issues in the eleventh hour of a project. When do you take a stand or seek middle ground?

Site Work - Railing

Site work inches forward. The artful hand railing is on the site. There is still a lot of rough dirt around. There is design patterning in the paving that is two-tone. How will the contractor approach the challenge?

These are all challenging topics that get dealt with on pretty much every project. See how they are addressed in the upcoming posts.

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